Altar Bread Order Form

Dear Regular Customers,

Due to our beloved Bishop’s directive to suspend public Masses in our Diocese for the next eight weeks (effective 3/17/20), we understand if you want to place your regular shipments of hosts on hold for the next couple of months. PLEASE LET US KNOW what you would like us to do regarding your Regular Shipments—whether to suspend them, adjust them, or continue to ship them as scheduled—by calling us, emailing us, sending us a Message via the Contact Us page, or filling out the form below, as soon as possible.

For those who are scheduled to receive hosts for the month of April, your order will be packed and shipped March 26, unless you inform us otherwise.

Thank you and God bless you. You are all in our prayers and sacrifices in this difficult time.

Sincerely in Christ, The Carmelite Nuns

We sell altar breads only to parishes and churches, and to chaplains assigned to schools, hospitals and nursing homes.
Please provide details to your request in the box below marked "Anything else?"
Low gluten hosts are made from wheat starch and water (gluten content is less than 20 parts/million) and are approved for use in the Mass by the USCCB. People with gluten sensitivity can tolerate a small amount of gluten, but those with celiac disease are encouraged to partake only of the Precious Blood. The gluten content of “gluten-free” hosts, which are non-wheat and thus invalid for Mass, is 6 parts per million.